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I have been collecting brief descriptions of recent actual dreams, all of which are included here. I am not interested in analyzing them, but simply curious about the experiences we have while our minds and bodies are at rest.

In the process of collecting these dream stories, I was inspired to make A Thousand Threads, a limited edition, screen-printed book. It contains short, meditative poems I wrote by interweaving the dream fragments of others with my own dream imagery.

This project was part of The Spaces in Between, a solo exhibition curated by Susanna Meiers, February 14 – March 11, 2011, at the El Camino College Art Gallery in Torrance, CA.

To see all of the book pages or contribute a dream story, please go to www.betsylohrerhall.com. Thanks!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tonia Bodley - My Old House Revisited

I just had a dream the other night about my old house.  Again. I have dreams about it a lot because it was the most unique place I ever had and I always worry that some day they may tear it down or ruin it in some way.  I loved that place but I had to leave because the neighborhood was too bad.  The house was built in 1893 and had three stories. I lived on the top floor. It looked like an old castle.  There were French doors that went out onto a balcony and a circular turret living room with a steeple-like ornamentation on top.  Anyways, the dream....

I went back there and saw that there was a big party going on so I kind of invited myself and went in. They had rearranged the place and the dividing walls so it looked different and more spacious.  They had added a large balcony to the side of the house and many outdoor stairways leading up the other side. All kinds of very colorful people were there including my old landlady who had gotten a boob job and died her hair lavender and was wearing a purple Mae West-style get up!  She had a cocktail in her hand, a feather boa around her neck and an evil look in her eye when she saw me.  I tried to kinda scurry away from her and blend in with the crowd of people because I didn't want to have to leave this party.  I wandered off at some point and found myself in a more empty part of the house where someone had a bunch of boxes packed up like they were getting ready to move out.  I started thinking I should try to move back in. Then I went downstairs and outside where they had built a new entrance to the sub-basement.  I went to walk in and there was a doorman who asked who I was.  I explained that I used to live there and that I was like family so he let me in.  When I got in, I saw that they had built a tiny arena of chairs that went up the walls like a theater and everything was Tiki style.  Even the people in there were all decked out in Tiki outfits from the 60's and drinking cocktails.  I kept thinking, "God, I gotta move back here!!  This place is amazing now!!  How do I talk my old landlady into letting me??”

....That's all I remember of this dream.  I'm sure I'll have many more about that house.  I always do and they're always based on me wanting to go back or being devastated because they ruined it or something.  This one they improved it though!  I liked this dream.

Tonia Bodley

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