a dream project

I have been collecting brief descriptions of recent actual dreams, all of which are included here. I am not interested in analyzing them, but simply curious about the experiences we have while our minds and bodies are at rest.

In the process of collecting these dream stories, I was inspired to make A Thousand Threads, a limited edition, screen-printed book. It contains short, meditative poems I wrote by interweaving the dream fragments of others with my own dream imagery.

This project was part of The Spaces in Between, a solo exhibition curated by Susanna Meiers, February 14 – March 11, 2011, at the El Camino College Art Gallery in Torrance, CA.

To see all of the book pages or contribute a dream story, please go to www.betsylohrerhall.com. Thanks!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Drew Lohrer - Three Dreams

1.   This was a recurring dream that I had when I was probably in elementary school.  I was at "Gramma's" house, which in fact was located where my friend Benny lived.  I know this because I suddenly had to get out of there, and I remember running down the hill and around the corner through Avon square from Benny's house to my house on Chelsea Road.  The weird part was that I was watching myself run (rather than looking out of my own eye sockets).  When I got inside my house, I ran down a spiral staircase (no such thing exists in our house) where each stair was carpeted with a different type of carpet (thick plush and shag carpets with bold colors and patterns...each stair completely different to the others).  Then I got down to the bottom stair, which was our laundry area.  I remember this because of the brick colored, brick patterned linoleum that we used to have down there.  I was still trying to get away from whatever was chasing me, but my feet were stuck to the floor and I couldn't get free.  Then, at the last minute, I woke up.

2.  I can't recall when I had this dream, but I imagine the dream occurred between 1984 and 1988 (my high school years).  I remember being on the cliffs that sit just below our house, and I got on my surfboard, which was sitting at the top of a dark tunnel.  The tunnel had a single rut or track running down the length of it...this was a slot where the skeg of my surfboard would go. I jumped on the board and plunged down through the tunnel gaining speed until I shot out the end of the tunnel and starting skimming across the surface of a wave at Upper Indicators (the surf break down below where I surfed regularly at the time).  I had such speed that I surfed the wave all the way along the shore down to its terminus in Bluff Cove.

3.  This next dream was associated with the most peaceful, restful morning time sleep I can ever remember having.  I think this also occurred during my high school years. The dream consisted of a flat, white, completely unwrinkled sheet and a smooth, round, white pea or marble.  The marble was not shiny or cold...it seemed to have the same texture as the featureless white background material upon which it sat.  Then, the sheet would spontaneously wrinkle itself slightly near its center, causing the pea to meander.  The sheet would partially smooth itself out before transforming into a new wrinkle formation, pushing the pea in perpetually new directions.  This seemed to go on and on, but it never became boring; a peacefulness and satisfaction came from this dreaming experience.  I remember waking up gently from the dream, without regretting that the dream was over, but just thinking what a restful and wonderful sleep it had been.

Drew Lohrer

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