a dream project

I have been collecting brief descriptions of recent actual dreams, all of which are included here. I am not interested in analyzing them, but simply curious about the experiences we have while our minds and bodies are at rest.

In the process of collecting these dream stories, I was inspired to make A Thousand Threads, a limited edition, screen-printed book. It contains short, meditative poems I wrote by interweaving the dream fragments of others with my own dream imagery.

This project was part of The Spaces in Between, a solo exhibition curated by Susanna Meiers, February 14 – March 11, 2011, at the El Camino College Art Gallery in Torrance, CA.

To see all of the book pages or contribute a dream story, please go to www.betsylohrerhall.com. Thanks!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jen Zen - Sweet Dream for Romi

Sweet dream for Romi...
I knew he watched me -- black eyes ringed with blue, incandescent in the dark, mine reflecting amber gold, harvest moon and honey. He was humming love songs, his thoughts a fuzzy blur. I felt his breath, and heard the smell of wind, surf pounding on the beach far away, sinking in the heartbeat through his skin everywhere we touched. His smell familiar and soft as through a freshly laundered cotton shirt, crisply pressed.
I awoke and floated as a purring cat curled small and tender on his tummy, breathing long and easy, fur thick and plushy against his tawny skin, a buoyant leather drum, warm and resilient, suspended now dropping, heavy as an oval stone of smooth grey granite carried by waves in space and time, cinnamon grey tiger stripes spinning in the dark. He caressed my head absently, twirling fingers round my furry ears, round and round and round again, rubbing exactly right... so I purred louder not to stop, warm and happy all the way through, adrift in serenity.

JEN ZEN (aka Jen Grey)
October 31, 2010

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