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I have been collecting brief descriptions of recent actual dreams, all of which are included here. I am not interested in analyzing them, but simply curious about the experiences we have while our minds and bodies are at rest.

In the process of collecting these dream stories, I was inspired to make A Thousand Threads, a limited edition, screen-printed book. It contains short, meditative poems I wrote by interweaving the dream fragments of others with my own dream imagery.

This project was part of The Spaces in Between, a solo exhibition curated by Susanna Meiers, February 14 – March 11, 2011, at the El Camino College Art Gallery in Torrance, CA.

To see all of the book pages or contribute a dream story, please go to www.betsylohrerhall.com. Thanks!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anonymous - Three Dream Figures

Rather than a specific dream, I am trying to interpret three dream figures: a veiled woman, a young boy playing at the edge of an expansive ocean, and a policeman. 

The veiled woman first appeared in a dream months ago. I don’t remember the context. Aloof, mysterious, removed. I assume she is a composite. My mother, steadfast in her love of her son, guiding in a maternal way. My sister, accomplished, perhaps even driven, a constant sound board. My maternal grandmother. A bit coy, a beauty in her own right. A quiet presence, always at family gatherings, silently judging. My paternal grandmother, dead long before I was born but a presence nonetheless. Deep sorrow tinged with mystery. Who was she? All of these qualities blend to form the veiled woman – both an enigma and an attraction – the woman I haven’t met yet.

The boy appeared in my dreams as a figure against an expansive but tranquil ocean. Playful and edenic are his traits. The young child I once was. A reflection seen when I smile.

And then the policeman. A guileful presence. The stern authority of my father manifested in a dream symbol. Haunting, reprimanding. Mindful of limits.

I chose the Rodin sculpture, the Age of Bronze, as a symbol of my selfhood. This was not a dream image but a symbol nevertheless. The man shaped by the veiled woman, the playful boy, and the authoritarian policeman. What does it mean, these dream images, jewels of the subconscious?

I honestly haven’t a clue...

- Anonymous

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